Message from our Pastor

 From Scott’s study   

Consider Colossians 1:28.  I praise God that souls were saved and the church has a renewed zeal for the Lord's harvest field.  I encourage you to pray for and get involved with discipleship ministry to those who have been saved.  In this passage, Paul wanted some things from the Colossae believers.  He wanted them to proclaim Jesus Christ; that Jesus is God's Son, He died for sinners on the cross, was buried and rose from the dead, and He offers forgiveness of sin to those who call on Him in repentance and faith.  Paul wanted the believers to have a continual action in the proclamation of Jesus Christ.  Paul continued to teach the believers to admonish the people with wisdom.  Wisdom comes from the Word of God and the teaching/preaching of God's Word.  If you are not in Bible study each Sunday at 9:15 AM, start this weekend.  You need it and the church needs you.  Paul continued to inform the believers that they needed to teach with wisdom.  Doctrine is important.  I begin a series of doctrinal preaching Sunday September 1.  You will get help in knowing what you believe and why.  This preaching will strengthen you as you live in the real world with real people who need the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  So what is the objective?  We want mature saints who are complete in their maturity.  These new believers need to be fed by God's Word to be shown complete in Christ.  Thanks to everyone who worked in Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames.  I will see you every Sunday with a Bible, a friend, and God's tithe.



 In His Righteousness,

Dr. Scott

2 Corinthians 5:21